We were blessed with a visit from Lady Gaga back in October and today we're flashing back to that special moment with her in honor of her big performance at the Super Bowl halftime show!  We love what she said, she's just like all of us and that's what inspired this album, "Joanne". She gushed her heart out over her family's personal struggle with Lupus, alcoholism and the connection she felt with the human struggle living in this world. She wants people to understand that she is just like any of us. 

Lady Gaga's aunt Joanne lived with Lupus, and sadly was raped at the age of 19 which caused major flares, so bad that she passed. Lady Gaga's middle name is Joanne in honor of her aunt. Gaga says she is "Joanne" now. The cover art is a simple shot of Gaga wearing a pink hat. The physical copy of the album has Joanne's signature and throwback images of her dear aunt Joanne.


Listen to her explanation on why the NFL approached her in the first place: