What a fun interview! We learned so much about Niall Horan! First off, 

  • His response to this summer's latest fashion trend is Rompers for men-- is hilarious! Let's just say, he said two words, the first word begins with the letter "F" and ended with the word, "NO!" lol 
  • What happens when you bring a fresh Tres Leches cake to Niall Horan? HE LOVED IT! He used to bake a lot because his mom is a Celiac and he learned how to bake from scratch since his mom was allergic to Gluten. They baked their own bread, macrons and cupcakes. 
  • He's a handyman, very OCD, neat, he makes his bed when he wakes up, he doesn't squeegee the shower door, no eating in the car and totally bro'd out with Ryan over this! 
  • He listened to a lot of 70's, early 80's music when he made his new album. He started playing the bass part and than piano, with the help of 1D writer, Julie Benedetto and Tobias Jesso Jr. (Writer of Adele's, "When We Were Young." The album is finished, at least he recording is done. It does needs some final producing. It has not been named yet. He anticipates the album to come out this fall, November/October time.  He hinted that the album is very southern California driving music. Windows down, blasting down a canyon... 
  • He can do an American accent! Ellen likes when Irish men say "Lovely". He said it for her and calls her a flirt! 
  • He texts with the 1D guys all the time, "it's a lot handier", easier and he's always on time without the group now. 
  • He's living in LA and made his record out here. He loves the weather out here because he grew up in a place where it rains 360 days of the year and has a tan now!
  • He's not interested in acting, says he's too fidgety. 
  • Can't wait to see Dunkirk with his boys! He hopes all the guys will be at the premier. 
  • His fave TV show when he was a kid: Harry & The Hendersons!  
  • He was named after an Irish soccer player, Niall Quinn. 

And now, for the final send off-- Harry & The Hendersons final scene! ;)