A human torso has been found at a wastewater treatment facility in Bassett, near the City of Industry.

The body part was discovered Monday inside a treatment tank, and L.A. County Firefighters who specialize in urban search and rescue techniques were called to the scene to help recover it.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau Lt. Mike Rossen said the torso at the facility at 1955 Workman Mill Rd. was most likely part of the same dead person who's calf and foot were discovered at a different water treatment facility in Carson on Saturday. 

Rossen said he thinks the body was torn apart after it wound up in the County's storm and sewage system.

"We believe it's some kind of mechanical mutilation of the body that happened during the pumping process or the separation process," Rossen said. 

Detectives were searching missing persons reports for clues to the identity of the dead person and said it was too soon to know whether the dead person was the victim of a crime.

-- Eric Leonard in Bassett (@leonardfiles)