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READ: Summer time is when all the flights go up in prices, because the airlines know folks will be going on vacation. So here is some advice from USA TODAY about when you should fly to get the best deals on your plane tickets:

Cheapest days to fly for summer

U.S. domestic flights

  • May 21: Airfare jumps slightly on this date as more expensive pre-summer pricing begins. Leave on or before May 20. 
  • June 15: Another hike as the most expensive vacation fares happen. You can still save something by leaving on or before June 14.
  • Aug. 30: The fall deal zone starts later than in recent years, but if you can delay a trip until Aug. 30, you will see a drop from peak-season pricing.

Flights to Europe

  • May 12: Summer fares for Europe kick-in; if possible, leave on May 11 or sooner. 
  • Aug. 21: Trans-Atlantic fares drop on this date; fly in late August and avoid summer fares and summer crowds.

Flights to Asia

  • May 15: Prices go up for the pre-summer season; fly May 14 or earlier.
  • June 9: A more significant price hike happens; if you can, begin a trip by June 8.
  • July 20: The final price hike of the season.
  • Aug. 7: Summer prices drop.
  • Aug. 20: A more significant drop, and this would be a good time to fly.