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Jessica Alba, author of The Honest Life, was excited to write a book about the things she has learned along the way to help her to create a happy and healthy life for herself & her family! 

Jessica is a woman who wears many hats: mother, actress, and business woman. We couldn't be more excited to share her story with you. 

One of the things I love about growing up in an entertainment-based city, is how we are truly the testing ground for innovation & art. I appreciate how lucky Los Angelinos are to have a Trader Joe's on every corner & the ability to run up to Brenda Strong in the parking lot to thank her for the Fertility Yoga DVD's she makes! When I see a tabloid pic of Jessica Alba walking her daughter down La Brea Ave, I know exactly where she is based on the surroundings in the's pretty fun! 

Buy The Honest Life by Jessica Alba & tell us what you think! 

By: Kristin Cruz