Legos remind me of glitter. No matter how many times you think you've put them away or snapped them together, one piece ends up finding the bottom of your foot. Here are some nifty ways and items to help you keep legos in their place... 

Organize by color - Teach your kids about colors, organization and now the color they want is easy to find.


Build A Lego Wall - DIY and build a lego wall in your kids room and they can snap away wherever they please.

Source: via Lanette on Pinterest

Lego Book - File all the instruction manuals together so you can figure out where that limited edition piece goes.

Tote A Lego Bag - Now you can pile all the legos into one bag and take them to grandmas house or wherever you know you'll need an instant babysitter

Legos holding Legos - Need I say more

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest