How many times have you heard, "Start young! Take care of yourself starting now." Teaching your little ones about sun safety early on will keep them feeling and looking good for their lifetime.
Summer is rolling in and discussing the importance of skin care and prevention is something kids can grasp and share on the playground. Going over SPF and sun safety is easy with these easy tips from

Step 1

Explain to children that the sun's rays can burn their skin just like a hot stove or other surface. To continue this analogy, explain that, just as you shouldn't pick up a hot cookie sheet or pot without a potholder, you should not go out into the sun without applying sunscreen for protection.

Step 2

Correct your children's misconception that sunburns can only occur on warm, sunny days. Explain that the sun's UV rays can pass through clouds or haze and remain just as strong on cool, windy days as on hot days.

Step 3

Explain to children what the abbreviation "SPF" stands for. SPF stands for "Sun Protection Factor." The higher the SPF on a bottle of sunscreen, the more protection it will provide. Choose sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.

Step 4

Help children apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before they go out in the sun. Early application of sunscreen can help the lotion form a protective layer over your child's skin.

Step 5

Apply sunscreen liberally and over all exposed skin. Lift up bathing suit straps to apply sunscreen underneath them in case the straps move around. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to hands, feet, ears, shoulders and the back of the neck. Use an SPF lip balm on lips. Use a waterproof sunscreen for activities involving water or lots of sweat.

Step 6

Remind children to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Step 7

Demonstrate safe sun practices consistently to provide a strong role model for your children. Apply and reapply sunscreen at the same times as your children to show them that these sun safety rules apply to everyone.