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People jumped on board when a father hosted a Reddit "Ask-Me-Anything" (AMA) session for his 3-year old son, allowing users to have a glimpse into the mind of a young kid. 

Reddit user MyUnAlteredMind shared the thread titled "I'm 3. I know everything. AMA" and offered to relay questions asked by forum posters to his son and share the responses on the post.

"I'm his dad and will ask him any questions you send so long as they are appropriate," the father wrote.

Here are a few of my favorite questions and answers:

"What would you do if you could do anything?"

-Get some juice

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"


"What's behind your eyes?"

-It's just a spider

"What's the meaning of life?"

-You are

"Why do you sleep?"

-Because I lost the voices

"I've been trying to make pasta olio e aglio several times. But somehow I can't make the dish 'pop'. What do you suggest?"

-Some cake

"Who's the coolest person in the universe?"

-Me. I am.

Check out the ongoing thread here that got over 500 comments and hundreds of questions. It may be the silliest and most pure form of joy you read all day.

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