A student from Okalahoma State University is taking his borderline obsessive love for arcade games and turning it into a good deed.

Over the course of several months, Lincoln Nguyen won 2 million tickets at Dave & Buster's across the country. Instead of spending them all on himself, he has decided to donate half to The Children's Center and the other half to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"I decided, 'You know what? The best place for it to go would be to the kids...there's so many toys around here. I can't make use of all the tickets." Nguyen said.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is looking to see what toys it could get with its 1 million tickets. The foundation is focusing on toys for early teens and some big-ticket items like a GoPro camera.

What game do you think he won all those tickets from??


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