About this time last year, we were shocked that 20 years had past since the Spice Girls hit single "Wannabe" ear-wormed it's way into our hearts.

To celebrate the monumental anniversary, three of the group's memebers, Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, and Baby Spice climbed into bed together to share a special Thank You video for the fans....just dropping a casual mention of a 'special party' that all fans are invited to.

The women announced they would be touring with a special concert slotted for London's historic Hyde Park. Posh and Sporty Spice both said they wouldn't join the other three, the trio (rebranded as GEM) seem determined to push forward.

Reunion plans are on hiatus because of Ginger's newborn and Scary's impending divorce. The women say "we're not re-forming immediately, but in the near future."

So, let's just put it out there "Say You'll Be There" Spice Girls, because we'll all be there too!

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