Our girl Lucy Hale took to her Twitter page to ask her fans to help her unlock her 10-song track list & cover art for her debut album 'Road Between.'


Now don't get TOO excited because her album doesn't drop for a couple more months officially hitting stores June 3rd...  but now we have some song titles to get us through the next couple of months!


I am SUPER excited about this album because I obviously LOVE Lucy Hale.. but I'm really excited to hear "Nervous Girls" "Kiss Me" and the 'Pretty Little Liars' fan girl in me can't wait give "Lie a Little Better" a listen :)


(PS - Lucy .. If I could use emoji's on my blog I'd be giving you the 'hands up in the air praise' hands right about now!! That cover is flawless and you look stunning!)



1 "You Sound Good to Me"

2 "From the Backseat"

3 "Nervous Girls"

4 "Red Dress"

5 "Goodbye Gone"

6 "Kiss Me"

7 "Road Between"

8 "Lie a Little Better

9 "That's What I Call Crazy"

10 "Love Tonight"

11 "Just Another Song"

I already love "You Sound Good to Me" ... clearly