2013 was a great year for music. Some amazing albums came out over the last 12 months...And I decided to share some of my personal favorites with YOU :)

Katy Perry "Prism"

I love this album because it's a good mixture of fun party songs to listen to in the car with your girlfriends.. in addition to some very heartfelt emotional songs!

"Birthday" "How We Do" are some of my favorite to play in the car.

"Double Rainbow" and "By The Grace of God"

Selena Gomez "Stars Dance"

You guys all know I love my girl Selena Gomez, but she put out an amazing album this year that if you have't purchased already..you really should!!

Some of my personaly favorites off this album are "Write Your Name" "Forget Forever" and of course "Love Will Remember" holds a special place in my heart. 

Congrats on this album Selena, it's amazing!

Demi Lovato "Demi"

This album is just exceptional. If I told you guys how many times I've listened to the song "In Case" you would think I was a total freak.

"Neon Lights" & "Really Don't Care" are my favorites... and I can't get through "Nightingale" without a tear. 

Ellie Goulding "Halcyon Days" (Deluxe Edition)

I can't stress how much I love Ellie Goulding... she is perfection!

"Burn" and "Goodness Gracious" are 2 songs I HIGHLY recommend you purchase!

Avicii "True"

Now, this may  come as a shock to some because I am not an EDM girl.. but Acicii's album is one I cannot get enough of!! Acicii has changed my opnion on EDM music and I am a HUGE fan of his! 

Some songs off the album I suggest you buy "Hey Brother" and "Addicted To You" are seriously AH-MAZING!

One Republic "Native"

I am a HUGE fan of this band.. and to my Ryan Tedder can do no wrong. He ALWAYS nails it...with One Republic and with every single person he works with.

Some of my favorites off this album are "Feel Again" and "Burning Bridges"... . I promise you will be obsessed with this album!