Photo Credit: Viva Los Cupcakes  

I recently discovered these really cool cupcakes that take the flavors of Mexican recipes and kick it up a notch by being transformed into one of the best desserts I have ever had. There are so many flavors to choose from and I am such a strong believer that anyone who has the chance to taste these bad boys will instantly become hooked. Karina Jimenez is the genius behind these delectable bites and she gave me the inside scoop on how Viva Los Cupcakes took off and what is next to come for these yummy treats. 


How did the idea for the cupcakes first come about?

The idea for Viva Los Cupcakes really stemmed from my need to be creative. I had a boring desk job so I started baking the typical cupcake favorites like chocolate and red velvet for friends and co-workers. But then I thought if I was going to seriously create a business then I should do something to stand out from all the other cupcakes out there. I thought to myself “What do I know? …I know Mexican food!”

What flavor cupcake has received the best response?

Definitely the “Tamal con Mole” cupcake. Which for the same reason it is the featured cupcake. It is the one everyone is amazed by, confused by, intrigued by, and blown away by! I get the most amazing reactions from people with this cupcake. I especially love the curious skeptics. They snub it and then come back raving about it after tasting it from their friends. Those are some of the best responses from customers. I love it.

How important for you is it to include the Mexican heritage within your creations?

It is very important. The Mexican culture is the essence of Viva Los Cupcakes. It is my pride and passion to share the flavors of Mexico, old and new, and present them in this new and exciting way.

Where can people find your cupcakes?

People can call, message, or text me for cup-catering services as well as come visit our booth at any of the many events I attend throughout the city which are also listed on the Facebook page. I am also very excited for Viva Los Cupcakes to soon be available at Dinosaur Coffee Shop, which is a new specialty coffee shop opening this fall in the LA area, so stay tuned for the details.

Will you be introducing new flavors anytime soon?

Not to the standard menu yet. But, I am working on a fun secret menu with more of a wild Mexican twist. Shhhhhhh! It’s a secret. You’ll have to stay tuned to our social pages to catch those!



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