It's always a great day when the guys of The Fray stop by the SOUL by Ludacris Headphones Studio! Isaac, Joe, Dave and Ben stopped by for a special and intimate performance for a packed crowd. 

The Fray have been quite busy! They've got several projects in the works, including a wedding, two babies, and an upcoming album! It's their 4th album in 9 years, and is called Helios. It'll be out on the 25th of February. 

They delighted us with several songs, including one from each of their albums. From their last album, Scars & Stories, they played 'Heartbeat.' It was nearly an a cappella performance of 'You Found Me' from their self-titled sophomore album. This arrangement allowed for Isaac's voice to really shine, as he effortlessly conveyed all the emotions of the song. To mix things up, they ended their set with their new single, the foot-thumping and energetic 'Love Don't Die.'

It was a fantastic opportunity to see and hear a fantastic band in such an intimate environment. And lucky for you, we've got video of said songs from their set!



'You Found Me':

'Love Don't Die':