Heartbreaking Video Sparks Support For Bullied Student

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Keaton Jones is a Tennessee middle schooler who has been the victim of bullying amongst his peers.  A video of Keaton talking about the horrible things his bullies has done to him, including the time when  kids poured milk on him and put food down his clothes.

"Why do they bully?" Keaton tearfully asks in the video. The video has now been watched by millions and many have reached out to Keaton to lend their support, including many celebrities.

Dana White is flying him out to Vegas for the next UFC fight. The University of Tennessee football team is going to his school to hang with him. Chris Evans has invited Keaton and his familu to the premiere of the next Avengers movie. Plus, he's going to a Tennessee Titans game this weekend!

Demi Lovato, Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Millie Bobby Brown have all also lent their support to #StandWithKeaton

#KeatonJones Hero!!! Thank you young KING for inspiring us all who have been in your shoes at any capacity! If you have, or currently are going through any form of bullying, my heart and my prayers go out to you! Bullies...y'all corny!

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You got a friend in me Lil bro! Hit me on dm and we can chat!!! Love you buddy!!

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