These Stars Want "Billy The Elephant" Moved Out Of The LA Zoo

Some stars have made it a point that they believe "Billy The Elephant" is living in an unnatural environment.

Actress Lily Tomlin who is a big Billy fan stated that she's been fighting for years to have the 32-year-old Asian elephant moved to a sanctuary. 

She said "I just love those little animals, especially the big ones. We aren't asking to take all the elephants out we are just trying to save Billy's life."

Some worry that Billy's head bobbing is a sign of distress, but the Zoo thinks otherwise.

The Zoo argues that his head only bobs while waiting for food or activities and he's been doing this since he was brought to the zoo at the age of 4.

City leaders are now demanding an independent analysis on Billy's heath as soon as possible so they can make a decision on whether Billy should stay or go.

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