Silver Lake Man Loses Heirloom Wedding Ring But Finds It Thanks To Fate

Nico Bellamy of Silverlake, CA made an amazing proposal to longtime  girlfriend Caitie Schlisserman using an heirloom engagement ring that almost didn't happen, but did, thanks to fate.

Caitie's father secretly gave Nico her grandmother's wedding ring to propose with, but one day it was stolen! The couple moved last summer and Nico realized it must've been the movers that took the box with the ring in it. The day Nico had to pick up his future father-in-law from the airport, he was trying to think of a way to explain to him that he lost the ring. 

After Nico picked Caitie's father up, Nico decided to take a different road home since traffic was terrible. On the way home, he saw a sign that read "Found Engagement Ring." After Nico dropped the dad off, he immediately went back to where the sign was to see if just maybe that could be his ring....

Listen to the rest of the story told by our Good News Guru below to find out what happens next!

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