Ed Sheeran To Perform At The Royal Wedding

Ed Sheeran will not only be in attendance at the Royal wedding, Prince Harry personally invited him to perform a few songs! Rumors are also swirling Beyonce may join Ed for their romantic duet “Perfect.”

Elton John is also expected to be in attendance, as he canceled two Las Vegas shows the same weekend as the wedding. Fans are only hoping Elton will be performing too! 

Ed Sheeran is actually close with the Royal family, he's best friends with Harry’s cousin, Princess Beatrice. Over a year ago when Ed, James Blunt, and Beatrice were in Japan, Beatrice accidentally slashed Ed's face with a sword while drunkenly recreating a knighting ceremony! You can still see the vertical scar on his right cheek. Ouch!

Maybe Beatrice was able to get Ed the hookup as a 'sorry' for that scar?



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