Ellen's Big Surprise For Jimmy Kimmel

We all know Ellen DeGeneres gives the best gifts and surprises, but this time she has really outdone herself. Jimmy Kimmel revealed last May that his son, Billy, was born with a generic heart disease and he has already had to undergo two major surgeries. Kimmel has spoken out on this matter and raising money for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles numerous times. 

Ellen surprised Jimmy by dedicating a room on the heart institute floor at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital in the name of his son, Billy. Ellen shares "We called our friends at Children's Hospital LA, we have named one of the rooms of the Heart Institute floor in honor of Billy." The entire room was in tears and Jimmy was speechless as he discreetly wiped tears from his eyes. There was even a few of Billy's nurses in the audience as Jimmy playfully shouts at them "You should be at work!" 

Watch this beautiful moment below. 



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