A List Of Things To Be Grateful For In Life

Photo credit: Getty Images

After working with terminally-ill patients, here's what medical experts say we should appreciate while we're still alive:

  1. Watching my sons throw a baseball. 
  2. Listening to my grandparents tell stories. 
  3. Holding my wife in my arms knowing there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be. 
  4. My dog. 
  5. My daughter running to me when I get home. 
  6. The smell of flowers and rain. 
  7. The day I got married. I said I never would. And then I met her. And now I have to leave her.
  8. All my friends. 
  9. Watching my husband sleep.
  10. The rush of Monday mornings. I know it sounds crazy, but I'll miss it. I'll miss the coffee, the crowded bathrooms, my wife's quick kiss goodbye, the kids forgetting their lunch.. you get my point. 


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