Awww! "Uncle Jesse" Saves Little Girl's Day!

posted by Sandy Stec - 

I'm in LOVE with this!!! This little girl from Tennessee is a SUPER fan of John Stamos, aka "Uncle Jesse" from Full House. She cried to her her mom, Rachael, that she wanted Uncle Jesse to come over. Her mom said, "Honey we can talk to our Jesse, but not Uncle Jesse." Well, John Stamos HEARD about this and Facetimed the little girl! Check out his posts below- so precious!! More on the story here.

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This made my world! I need to FaceTime with this young lady. #adorbs @rachlhouston

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Well, I had an illuminating 15 min, 43 sec FaceTime chat with my new friend, Iris. We laughed we cried, then we laughed again. We covered it all and hopefully she'll take me up on my invite to visit the #FullerHouse set this summer.  Thanks to her sweet mom, @RachLHouston XO

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