Happy Pi Day! These Deals Will Make You Happy

Happy Pi day! Every 3/14, we celebrate 3.14 and even if you’re not a math connoisseur, you’ll like these #Pie & #Pizza deals! Find them on the #EllenKMorningShow, plus, a really special #FeelGood on why the world needs more pie by @theworldneedsmorepie. 🥧❤️🥧❤️🥧

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Hey, Happy Pi Day! Of course, every three-fourteen… we celebrate three-point-one-four. 

If you're not a big fan of math you can still partake in all of these Pi day deals! 

  • -California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is giving 20% of proceeds to #MakeMarchMatter at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles 
  • Winston Pies on San Vicente is selling its famous hand pies for $3.14. 
  • All Blaze Pizza locations… selling pizza pie for $3.14. 
  • Same for the mini pizzas at BJ’s Brewhouse.
  • Other offers from Magnolia Bakery in Beverly Grove, Marie Callendar’s, Whole Foods and Boston Market. 


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