Twin Of A Kind With Erin Green

Erin Green is a mother, wife, wife, and runs a non-profit organization Twin Of A Kind, with her twin sister Desiree, that helps teens and young adults with bullying and self-esteem issues. 

The 42-year-old beauty, along with her sister, were bullied at a young age for the way they looked. They tried their best to fit in with the in-crowd.  Found it difficult to grab the attention of others and socially were labeled as ‘awkward’.  They were ridiculed and bullied as youth for their lack of size and appearance.  Overcoming childhood obstacles, led them to share their experiences with others through the development of TWIN OF A KIND Foundation, non-profit, 501c3 established in 2013.  TWIN OF A KIND Foundation (TOAK) is a self-empowerment organization based on increasing awareness on social issues impacting youth and young adults.  The curriculum helps participants build self-esteem and create positive self-awareness by motivating and encouraging youth/young adults to see their potential.  A hallmark of TOAK is gaining self-acceptance and the understanding that everyone is different in their own way.  TOAK provides empowerment programs, motivational speakers, community conferences, and interactive workshops.

Their defining moments that have led them out of their zone of isolation and fear was being able to find focus, conquer self-doubt and just simply take risks.  They gained their confidence by taking risks and appearing on Fear Factor (Twins Edition) in 2005; appearing on a music video by Slum Village titled, “Selfish” featuring Kanye West; while captivating their audiences on the runway with their dynamic synchronized strut, wearing the hottest trends and fashions of many fashion designers; as well as appearing on The REAL daytime talk show in 2014 to help two bullied teens overcome victimization and receive a make-over.  Embracing size and appearance on countless amounts of print ads; obtaining over 30 years of combined experience in the mental health field; and most of all just being a twin and always knowing they had someone by their side.

Kari Steele sits down with Erin Green to talk about her journey, overcoming bullying, the modeling industry, and how she's using her platform and story to help other young girls. 

Listen below:


Source: Twin Of A Kind



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