Will Smith’s Date With Sophia The Robot Didn’t Go So Well

Will Smith’s Date With Sophia the Robot Didn’t Go Well Will Smith is married and has beautiful kids, but all that didn't matter when he met Sophia the Robot and decided to go on a "date" with the humanoid robot from Hong Kong.  

Smith posted a video of their date in the Cayman Islands on his YouTube page and it was... awkward. "I've wanted to meet you for a really really long time," Smith said to Sophia in the video. "And you know, being here with you in the Cayman Islands, I gotta say is, uh, I'm feeling a little something."

  Will must have been the only one feeling something cause Sophia responded to him with just an awkward smile. Yep, he'd been pushed into the friend zone by a robot. 

 She just doesn't have time to date. Sophia walked for the first time in January, and became the world's first cyborg citizen after being awarded citizenship in Saudi Arabia.  You go girl!  

Watch Will and Sophia's date video below:



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