This is the #1 job gripe...

Question: This is the #1 job gripe... What is it? 

The answer is not making enough money. Coming in at #2 is lazy bosses. This sparked the phone lines. Evidently, it lit the fire with our listeners and we took your calls on morning long about your lazy co-workers. Look on the bright side: we will all succeed because of lazy people. 😉

You're all invited to play the Ellen K: Q&A!  We ask you a question, the first caller with the right answer wins that hour’s prize. Play the Ellen K: Q&A twice each morning – your first chance to play is at 6:25a and second chance to play comes an hour later, at 7:25am PT. Your wrong guesses are often more fun than the answer itself! Save out number to play 1-800-929-5678(KOST)


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