Remembering Our Sweet Angel... Hazel Hammersly

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Celebrating our little friend, Hazel... Sending all of our love to you and your family. We love you Hazel and thank you @childrensla for taking care of our friend and listener until the very end... #Repost @hope_for_hazel ・・・ Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support over this last week. It has been remarkable to see how many people have been touched by our special girl. For those who cannot attend, we will be posting a live link, and we will update as soon as we have that information. If you wish to send flowers, you may do so at the address above. If however, you would like to donate to childhood cancer research in Hazel’s name, go to If you would like to donate directly to our family, go to

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Hazel Hammersly, our 7-year old friend that we met from Children's Hospital Los Angeles has recently passed away after a five year battle with Cancer. You may remember her as "Pizza Girl" who went viral a few years ago after she posted a sign on her hospital window saying, "Send Pizza Rm 4112". To her surprise and the entire hospital's surprise pizza's flooded her room, enough to fill the floor with pizza for the day. 

This past holiday season, we were able to grant a holiday wish to her. Being the huge Taylor Swift fan that she was, we surprised her with tickets to her concert next month. She will attend as an angel. Today, is her celebration of life and we feel so blessed to know her. 


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