Our First Ever Birth On The Ellen K Morning Show


We've been following our friend Sheyla around since last week when she went into labor. We thought baby Luna would arrive on Friday, the 13th. Turns out, this little lady had a plan of her own. We came back to work this morning, checked in with Sheyla who was dialated to 6cm and ready to have baby girl through a squat birth. Which, is exactly what it sounds like, pushing in a squatting position. 

Baby Luna made her entrance into the world shortly after 8am during Roxette's, "It Must've Been Love" song. The baby came so fast that mama Sheyla didn't have time to squat! Two pushes and baby Luna made her entrance into this world! 

Meet Baby Luna 

Born: Monday, 4/16/2018 at 8:23am

Length: 19.5"  

Weight: 7lbs 13oz


A sweet poem for our baby girl... 

You are the sun to my shine

Sweet to my heart

Cup to my cake

Sun to my rise

Heart to my beat

Love to my life


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