The World's Going Wild With Lil Hank Williams AKA Walmart's Yodeling Kid


This little kid started the month off on a high note! His yodeling video right in the middle of a Walmart shopping aisle has gone wild on the internet! Now, the world can't get enough of him. He went on his first flight ever to be on The Ellen Show. Than went from LA to the Coachella Valley, where he performed in front of thousands, including the Biebs himself! (Yes, Justin Bieber!) From there, he went off to the Grand Ole Pry to perform "Lovesick Blues" and the crowd went WILD!!! His instagram account now has over 1.4 million followers and growing, professionally managed by his grandmother, Frances Ramsey. We just love him! Keep it up Lil Hank!

Beychella Invades Coachella Valley Music Festival
Beychella Invades Coachella Valley Music Festival
Beyonce graced the stage with a historical performance, even reuniting Destiny's Child!


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