Meet The New Churros At Disneyland


You might want to take a seat for this news... Disneyland has launched an entirely new lineup of fresh Churro flavors. You might as well plan on the calorie intake now, on the bright side, you'll walk a lot at the Disneyland Resort! 

The Snipe Churro is a multicolored fruity pebbles type of churro with lemon flavor. It's the prettiest one that we think will be the most Instagrammed Churro yet!

The Carrot Cake Churro is sure to be the tastiest one topped with cinnamon sugar and served with raisin carrot cream cheese frosting. You'll find this churro at the cart near the Haunted Mansion.

The Strawberry Churro is waiting for you at Tomorrowland near the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride. 

The Blue, Red, Yellow Racer Churros is three different colored churros that made a comeback. These are your traditional flavored churros that come with a caramel dipping sauce and be found at the Cozy Cone.

The Cocoa Churro is  a Ghirardelli Chocolate and vanilla bean dusted with salted cinnamon sugar served with a spiced Mexican chocolate dipping sauce. Look for this Churro near the cart by Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road. 



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