Have You Ever Sent An E-mail Or Text That Was Meant For Someone Else?

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Ellen K joined the ladies on "The Talk" and brought a really good topic to the table. This time, it involved ex pro-hockey player Sean Avery's recent Instagram post putting his business out in the open with this screen shot. Apparently, he took his two chihuahuas to the dog groomer and an employee accidentally text him a message about him but definitely not for him. What do you think? Should the groomers get in trouble for charging tip on his card without his knowledge? Should he get all of his money back? 

Andy Melch owns the dog grooming boutique Doggystyle 46 University Pl NYC. I have spent $2853.33 since June and tip $20 on a $200 bill for two chihuahuas grooming. Apparently, Andy doesn't think that's enough so she goes ahead and adds additional tip to my CC# she keeps on file. Not sure how many other customers she does this too but #becareful #doggystyle #nyc

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Who watches @thetalkcbs ? Don’t miss our very own Ellen K discussing some text message Uh-oh’s!! 🙊 #thetalk #ellenkmorningshow

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