Avengers: Infinity War Joins The Billion Dollar Club


Look, we all knew Avengers: Infinity War was going to blow up the box office, we just didn't know how fast it would happen! Infinity War took in $112.5 million domestically this weekend, and $162.6 million worldwide internationally. This makes its domestic total $450.8 million and $713.3 million internationally. Combine the two and that means Infinity War has made a whopping $1.164 billion worldwide. This makes this the sixth Marvel movie to join the billion dollar club, and now Avengers: Infinity War is number 15 on the worldwide box office chart. And to only think, the cliffhanger viewers are left on will only have us in theaters next year when they follow up movie comes out. More records to break is a great thing! Until than, Avengers Assemble! 

Who Survives Avengers Infinity War?
Who Survives Avengers Infinity War?
Go see Avenger Infinity War-- out NOW in theaters! Prepare to be MARVELed.


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