Alzheimer’s Family Center With Monica Macias

Support, guidance and treatment fordementia patients – and their families.

It was an idea as simple as it was radical: To create a day care program – and build a unique, world-class facility – especially for dementia patients living at home. We’d fill the patient’s days with hope, encouragement and healthy activities. Add in the right sort of positive stimulation. And, most of all, we’d introduce a day care environment where people with dementia could thrive.

More than three and a half decades later, this once-radical idea is now a cornerstone of Orange County’s Alzheimer’s treatment community. Thousands of dementia patients are enjoying happier, healthier lives. And their families are singing our praises.

Alzheimer’s Family Center and Hoag Hospital.

Alzheimer’s Family Center’s tie to Hoag Hospital spans over three decades. In 1999, the hospital joined AFC to create an 20,000-square-foot dementia-specific center. This model facility has enabled us to tailor adult day health services to meet the needs of Orange County’s most vulnerable elders.

Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) is Orange County’s trusted day care resource for dementia patients – and their families.

  • As Orange County’s first day care program exclusively devoted to treating people with dementia, we have a long and proven track record of helping Alzheimer’s patients and their families successfully cope with the many challenges of memory loss.
  • In addition to our day care programs for dementia patients, we provide much-needed respite, support and resources for family caregivers.
  • We are often able to detect health problems early on — before they become serious medical concerns.
  • AFC’s medical oversight, enhanced nursing services, fall prevention interventions, and ongoing patient monitoring paves the way for improved patient outcomes.

Transportation is available to and from Alzheimer’s Family Center throughout Orange County and surrounding areas. Please contact our care manager for additional information at 714-593-9630. Transportation is provided by a third-party provider.

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Adult day health care services at Alzheimer’s Family Center offer people with dementia and their family caregivers on-site programs, access to community resources and much more.


Alzheimer’s Family Center in Orange County provides expert guidance, support and respite for family caregivers.


Alzheimer’s Family Center provides community education through Mind Booster Series, Corporate Lunch and Learns and Legal Workshops.

Join Kari Steele this Sunday on The Sunday Journal as she sits down with Senior Director of Programs, Monica Macias, to discuss their mission as an organization, their resources, and education on this disease.



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