Man Loses 70 Pounds....Is Now Compared To Disney Prince!

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I LOVE stories like this. As a woman who has dealt with low self-esteem and confidence her whole life, I always relate people who are on the same journey I'm on: the journey to our best physical self and attitude TOWARDS ourselves.

Meet Jeffrey Kendall, a 26-year-old man out of Connecticut. His whole life, he'd been overweight and suffered from low self-esteem.He'd tried his own weight loss methods throughout the years, but it was 2015 when he hit rock bottom. His mother suffered a brain aneurysm, which required him to move home and take care of her. 

"Winter came, holidays came,” he told “I started gaining all the weight back, and then in early 2016, I was at an all-time high for weight and an all-time low for self-esteem.”

So.....little by little, he started taking better care of himself. He started doing yoga. Reaching out to people on Reddit. Posting progress photos. Cleaning up his diet. And the photo (with the white shirt below) went VIRAL because people told him he looked like a REAL-LIFE Disney Prince! 

Jeffrey has decided to use his weight-loss and new source of confidence to REALLY achieve his dreams of becoming a model and actor. You can follow him on IG HERE, and read more of his story here! Congrats Jeffrey! So proud of you!

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My attempt at a quick Prince Adam cosplay. Definitely want to do a more beastly one sometime #cosplay #disney #princeadam

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Another wave of love and support comes crashing at my shore. Thank you all so much, you fill me with a constant motivation. I hope to do more venturous things soon, but for now I just hope you enjoy these photos #love #support #thankful #wlyg #scoutme

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