Luckiest Man On Earth Scratches Off A Total Of $6-million Dollars


Meet one of the luckiest men from our great state of California, Antulio Mazariegos from Van Nuys, who's having one heck of a year! A few months back, Antulio strolled into Liquor Bank on Vanowen Street to pick up a Black Premium Scratcher. He scratched it off and couldn't believe it-- he won FIVE thousand dollars, or so he thought. Turns out, he was wrong, he shorted himself 3-zeroes. The scratcher was actually worth Five. Million. Dollars!!!! And, that's only the beginning, weeks after the unthinkable win, Artulio picked up an Emerald 10 scratcher. Guess what? Another million bucks! Six months, six million dollars! Congrats Antulio!   



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