Pictures: My Birthday Weekend In Nashville!

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Oh. My . God. I can't even BEGIN to say how much fun I had in Nashville! It was everything I wanted it to be, and more. I'm going to post a BOATLOAD of pics/video below, but here are some highlights. I also wanted to THANK you and everyone for the sweet birthday love during the weekend......God I felt loved. Thank you! <3

* Driving to the most BEAUTIFUL WATERFALL I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Cummins Falls State Park, about 1.5 hours outside Nashville. It's like a mile walk/hike to the falls, and you have to wear water shoes while you do it cause you're walking through the creek. But oh my GOD was it worth it!! 

* Discovering that I LOVE live Blues/funk. I danced until 3am at "Bourban Street Blues & Boogie Bar" and the band was AMAZING! 


* Meeting really, really cool people every step of the way. From the lovely ladies from Canada I met on my whiskey-tasting tour, to the people who sat next to me on my flight, to my cute waiter I flirted with and went to lunch with. Such a great trip.

All in all, I will 10000% be back. I already miss it! See you again, soon, Nashville. "Ya'll" have been fun!

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So. Damn. Happy. (Cummins Falls State Park, Cookeville, Tennessee.)

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By far, THE most peaceful moment I’ve had in a long, long time.The irony of wanting to come to Nashville and get wasted, but finding the most happiness and joy swimming in a waterfall and getting lost in nature. Complete bliss. (Cummins Falls State Park, about 1.5 hours outside of Nashville.) Special thank you to 2 of my favorite “Earth Wanderers” - @awakenwithjp and @epicself- who exposed me to this little slice of heaven a few weeks ago! I’m ETERNALLY grateful for this. THANK YOU. 🙏 #grateful #nature #waterfall #cookeville #amazing #blissful #happy #joy

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Things I’ve realized while being in Nashville: ✨ I love trucker hats. (Dudes in them, and also, me wearing them.) ✨ I love dancing. How I’ve been so ignorant to live-blues/funk/Jazz my whole life I’ll never know, but I can only hope to make up for it in the future. ✨ Humidity sucks and makes me feel sweaty and unsexy. ✨ There just isn’t enough time to eat all all the places I want to eat. I also LOVE how vegetables are an after-thought here. ✨ I’ve met some wonderful people and feel so grateful to have shared some time with them. Remember...even if you’re “alone” somewhere... you really aren’t. People are good. People are kind. And people open up, if you’re willing to to share. ✨ Broadway Street really IS “Nash-Vegas.” Shit is INTENSE. I’d need a whole month to even experience 1/4 of the bars, live music and restaurants on this street. I’m actually intimidated of the nightlife here. ✨ Nashville is ALIVE, vibrant, soulful, fun and I can’t wait to come back. I will never forget this birthday! # #nashville #birthday #country #fun

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I just want to let you know it’s my birthday and I’m wearing a cheesy May birthday shirt that I saw advertised on FB. I have also bought charcoal toothpaste this way, a Key & Peele Christmas sweater and a weinerdog tank-top. FB ads apparently work. #birthday #FB #Shopping #ICouldntHelpIt #SuchAWhiteGirl

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I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more genuine welcome to Tennessee. I’m visiting Nashville for my birthday weekend and drove to Cummins Falls State Park on my first day here. (A BEAUTIFUL waterfall I hiked to, that will be a separate post!) While in the general store of this small town, a local named Roger asked if I wanted a ride on his 4 X 4. I’m sorry, but does it get better than this?? I feel like life just gave me the HUGEST hug and I am beyond grateful!!! ✨ #SoHappy #Birthday #Nashville #local #cookeville #fun #grateful #joyride #country #tennessee

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