Roche Diabetes Care & Accu-Chek With Ben Rue

About Ben Rue:

Ben is a country singer/songwriter from Silverton, Oregon who is living with Type 1 (T1) diabetes. In 2012, he made the move to Nashville to pursue a career as a professional musician. While touring the country to share his music, Ben’s profile continues to increase with 1.5M+ streams on Spotify. Ben’s debut single, “I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife),” released Spring 2014, garnered attention from Billboard as “wedding song of the summer for 2014.” Ben is gearing up to release a new EP this summer. 

Ben’s Journey with Diabetes:

 Ben was diagnosed at age 14 and struggled to adjust and gain confidence in himself. As a result, Ben is focused on helping others stay motivated and positive when it comes to life with a chronic illness. Ben has performed and shared his story with campers at the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, and supports the JDRF Bag of Hope program which distributes backpacks filled with an Accu-Chek Guide meter and resources to educate newly-diagnosed families with T1D

Accu-Chek Guide:

For the millions of people living with diabetes, like Ben, managing the condition can be complicated. It can be a daily struggle to navigate such a complex condition.

That’s why Ben has teamed up with Roche Diabetes Care to spread the word about the Accu-Chek® Guide System, a new meter designed to help make checking Ben's sugar surprisingly simple and easy to use.

As a musician, Ben is constantly on the road and never know what conditions he’ll be testing in. With a spill-resistant vial and a port light for testing day or night, the Accu-Chek Guide system is like an indispensable part of his crew!

For more information on Accu-Chek® Guide visit

Diabetes Facts:

Diabetes is on the rise. In fact, there are over 29 million people in the US or 9.3% of the population that have diabetes.

 Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar 2

1 in 10 people in North Carolina have diabetes, and only half have taken action to educate themselves on how to manage the disease – which is why helping to create awareness is so important.[ii]

Ben's music has helped him in more ways than one. Back to the Nights is available at all on-line retailers.

Check him out at!

Listen below as Kari Steele sits down with Ben Rue as he discusses the challeneges he's faced, how he's overcome them, and why he decided to partner with Accu-Check.



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