Sometimes, You Need To Help Out 4 Girls You Meet On A Hike.

A couple weeks ago in Nashville, I decided to drive off the beaten path and go to a BEAUTIFUL waterfall I saw online, Cummins Falls State Park. While walking to the falls (and literally through a river- you had to wear water shoes to get there) I encountered 4 girls who were on their way back. I excitedly asked, “How was it?” One of them pointed down to her feet, and said, “We didn’t make it- I think I broke my foot.” 

I could tell they were exhausted and in pain. (It was also SUPER hot and muggy) So for a few minutes, I gave them some water and food, asked other hikers for pain medication, and we tried our best to take care of these girls. I could tell it helped! It felt good to stop what I was doing and just "be" with these girls for a little bit. A very sweet moment and lovely reminder of what we’re here on this Earth to do: help and take care of each other.

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

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