Cotton Candy Grapes Are Back!

Cotton candy grapes are back and summer has never tasted sweeter!

In 2016, people fell in love with these out of the box grapes and they quickly grew a following. This summer Costco will be carrying the delicious grapes at only $9 for three pounds. 

But these fruits just don't taste super sweet, they also smell super sweet! The airy cotton candy aroma is enough to put anyone in a mesmerizing trance. These grapes also carry 3 percent more natural sugar than their boring grape counter parts. 

The original magical fruit is made popular by the Grapery based in California and released the cotton candy flavor in green, concord, moon drop and tear drop varieties. 

Usually cotton candy grapes are like finding a unicorn, very tiring but at the end of the day you still believe in their magic. That's why its understandable the internet is excited to have them at the wholesale giant Costco. 

Costco has not released the master list of what stores will carry the much sought after grapes but you can always call your local store and ask.

I don'y know about you but we are excited for these sweet treats this summer!



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