Drake Samples Unfinished Micheal Jackson Song

Drake's new album seems to have everything, even collaborations with ghosts. The rapper released his new album recently that features a certain track called “Don’t Matter to Me” which features a voice you may recognize. The King of Pop is listed as a feature on the track, his voice can be heard in the chorus of the song as Drake raps the verses.

Drake and Jackson's Estate have declined to comment just how the vocals made it to Scorpion. But sampling the late singers voice isn't completely unheard of, in 1994 "Human Nature" was flipped for Nas' classic Illmatic. Since then, sampling Micheal Jackson is designed to show you're at the top of your game basically. 

Sampling Jackson though was not enough for Drake, who instead uncovered an unreleased song that was recorded before Thriller was released, secured the Jackson estate's permission, and built a song around it. 

This kind of collaboration with Michael Jackson has happened once before, when Justin Timberlake dueted with him on "Love Never Felt So Good," a single from Jackson's 2014 posthumous album Xscape. In that case, Timberlake was invited and inserted into a Jackson album, not the other way around. Drake created the song in a similar manner, but "Don't Matter To Me" is wholly his. 



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