Mommy Monday: Quick Makeup Looks for the Summer

While many of us are constantly on-the-go, summertime can be particularly busy with vacations, weekend outings, all while still going to work. Living such a fast-paced lifestyle, taking the time to do your makeup can be very tedious! Check out some of these simple makeup routines that will surely save you some time for various skin types and tones!

1. Staying Light on Foundation

Marla Catherine

In this tutorial, Marla is able to create a simple look using minimal products. Throughout the summer, it can obviously be very hot; this look still utilizes foundation (if needed) but manages to keep the amount of makeup light on your skin. So, if you're looking for a makeup style that won't weigh you down with the heat, this is your cup of tea. Of course, sunblock is essential in a summer makeup look! 


2. No Liner, No Shadow, No Problem


Another natural look! If you're needing to even out your skin or cover some summer spots, this tutorial can still help you out. However, the look is still natural, simple, and light due to the lack of liner and eyeshadow. By ridding these from your look, you save time and don't have to worry about potentially sweating your eye makeup off!


3. A Pop of Color

Jenn Im

Here, we have a look that brings in a more intense eyeshadow and liner than the other looks for those of you that might want to add some color (and have more time). Fret not, this look still uses a moderate amount of makeup on the rest of the face while keeping a light feel and look. This beauty and fashion YouTuber is always sure to use products that are simple, making sure not to damage your skin!



All of these looks are what you make of them! If you don't normally use foundation or primer, it will save more time, keep your makeup look more simple, and allow your skin to be more free for the summer. 

Mix and match some of these looks to see what works best for you depending on what you want to stand out and what you want to prioritize!


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