16 Fun Examples of the Mandela Effect

Seeing as it is the anniversary of Nelson Mandela's death, we've gathered a couple of examples that demonstrate what is called the Mandela Effect. This effect is when someone, or even a group of people, remember something so clearly...but it's incorrect. We all know the feeling of being so incredibly sure of something, only to find out that we're wrong, and that is the Mandela Effect. Many think it's silly to name this effect after Nelson Mandela...but is it?

1. The Death of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela lived an incredibly eventful life (to say the least). Though Mandela was an activist throughout his life, things became very complicated and the truth was being blurred. This resulted in his arrest and Mandela was imprisoned for well over 2 decades of his life. 

Many people believe that this was the end of Mandela's story, however, Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and became the first President of South Africa. Mandela died only a few years ago in December of 2013.

2. "Luke, I am your father" was never said in Star Wars

When thinking of this iconic line in this legendary film, we should all realize...it doesn't exist! Darth Vader never spoke Luke's name, actually saying, "No, I am your father"


3. Sex and the City...not IN the city

To this day, the world seems to be split in regards to the pronunciation of this popular show. Half of the world population seems to be saying "Sex in the City" while the other half is saying "Sex and the City"...the latter is correct. 

ProTip: If you say either one fast enough, no one will be able to determine exactly what you're saying, so you'll be in the clear.


4. Chick-fil-A, Chic-fil-A, or Chik-fil-A?

The only restaurant that has ever existed is Chick-fil-A. The spelling Chic-fil-A and Chik-fil-A seemed to have simply appeared out of thin air, creating controversy one chicken patty at a time. (Though we all have faith that you can create your own version of the restaurant if your Photoshop skills are up to par). 


5. "We Are the Champions" by Queen

One of the most satisfying feelings when singing this song is the ending. We all get to proclaim that we are the champions of the world...or are we? Take a listen to the song again because that line is never sung to finish the song off!


6. "A Box of Chocolates"

Is life like a box of chocolates? Or was it? The correct answer: it was. As Tom Hanks recites his lines in the movie, he says "life was like a box of chocolates," however, it seems that 99% of the world is quoting it as "life IS like a box of chocolates." 

None of us are alone here, everyone made the same mistake. 


7. Apparently, it's "Froot Loops"

This one might be the most confusing, seeing as "froot" is not a word. I'm sure many people who grew up with this cereal (and the tucan mascot) assumed the spelling of the popular breakfast was "Fruit Loops," but no! Double the "O" in loop means you have to double the "O" in "froot."


8. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Is a lie! The evil queen in Snow White actually calls upon the mirror by highlighting its magical abilities. She speaks, "Magic Mirror on the wall" rather than "Mirror mirror on the wall." 


9. Curious about George's tail?

While most monkeys have tails, Curious George does not! Everyone who remembers this well-known little monkey with a tail is only correct in the sense that most monkeys have tails. However, not our special George!


10. Kit Kat vs. Kit-Kat

Have you decided on Kit Kat? Or Kit-Kat? Interestingly enough, there's actually no dash in the name of the chocolate candy! Short, definitely sweet, and to the point, Kit Kat decided to keep the dash out of their name. 


11. I'm a Barbie Girl

Many of us know the iconic song, "Barbie Girl", but not all of us know the lyrics! Several people sing "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world," but the lyrics actually are, "I'm a Barbie girl, in THE Barbie world!" 


12. Jaws: A Bigger Boat

It almost seems like watching Jaws is part of a hazing process to be an American citizen. Since its release, people all over have been quoting the line, "We're gonna need a bigger boat." Another line that we all are misremembering, it's actually, "You're gonna need a bigger boat."


13. Pixy Stix, Pixie Sticks, Pixy Sticks, or Pixie Stix?

The correct answer? Pixy Stix! This candy (flavored sugar) has been spelled every way imaginable! However, the only way to spell the TRUE candy is Pixy Stix!


14. Gene Wilder

Similar to Nelson Mandela, there have been a few misconceptions about the date of Gene Wilder's death. Many believe that Wilder passed away a number of years ago when in actuality, it was only back in 2016, not even a full two years ago just yet. 

15. Cup O' Noodles...

...those are just about as real as Chic-fil-A! The actual name of the tasty microwave meal is Cup Noodles, there's no "O!" While the name can't be said for Froot Loops, there's definitely no "O" in the middle of the Cup Noodles.


16. Risky Business

Last but not least, we arrive at sweet number sixteen! One of the most fun scenes in a movie to recreate is from Risky Business when Tom Cruise slides into the living room dancing in a simple button up, underwear, and socks. However, Cruise isn't wearing sunglasses OR a white shirt like many of us thought!



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