Young Man Walks All Night To First Day Of Work So He Wouldn't Be Late

We all want our first day of work to go well. And usually for most it does, but for 20 year old Walter Carr his worst nightmare was realized. The night before his first day of work his car had broken down, he tried to get a hold of people to drive him but all those plans unfortunately fell through. Determined to make a good first impression on his first day, Carr decided to walk to get to the house he had to move in the morning. He started his 20 mile trek around midnight knowing it would take him form his home in Homewood, Alabama to the town of Pelham about 7 hours by foot.

"I wanted to be there before 8," Carr said. "I wanted to beat the crew members there to let the company know how dedicated I am."

Police Officers saw a labored Carr on his journey, and decided to see what was going on. To their amazement, the young man was on his way to work and just needed to rest before he made it the rest of the way. The Police officers were so taken with his determination, they took him to get breakfast and got him lunch to go. They then took him to a church to rest before his shift at 8AM.

 Several hours later Carr started his journey the rest of the why to the home of the moving client Jenny Lamey. He arrived early, so Lamey asked if he'd like to rest upstairs in the house before the rest of the movers showed up. He responded no and started immediately to get to work. Lamey was so impressed with the young man's story she wrote her thoughts about it on Facebook.



The Moving Company Carr was hired by was Bellhops Moving Company, now when the CEO Luke Marklin learned of this young new employee's determination he was moved beyond belief.  He had actually learned of this story through Jenny Lamey's Facebook post.

“We’re trying to transform that with a lot of heart and a lot of grit. And when I read that story on Sunday I was blown away, and I couldn’t think of a better story of what this company is all about.” Marklin said. He then decided to do something about the one thing that was standing in the way of this young exceptional employee.

He Gave Carr his own 2014 Ford Escape.


Also Inspired by Carr's story, Jenny Lamey started a GOFundMe Campaign to help him out and set the goal to $2,000. They have as of right now rasied more than $76,000. Anything over $66,000 will be donated to the Birmingham Ed Foundation.

Carr is in awe of all the support he has received.

"I'm Still in Shock," Carr said. "I thank him [Marklin] . . . I thank everyone for taking their time to listen to my story."



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