These 6 Facilities Will Offer A Cool Space For You & Your Pets


There’s nothing SWELL about this SWELTERING heat! We’re even hotter than yesterday! 

Valley highs up to 110 today. We could even top 100 in downtown LA. Just to give you an idea, Redlands is topping out at 108°, Whittier - 100°, Dana Point, which is a beach city - 90° and Valencia - 105°! Well, the temps are remaining our top story today, as we enter the second day of a 4-day heatwave. Officials have issued a statewide Flex Alert; in effect both today and tomorrow. Southern California Edison has politely asked to conserve as much power between 5 and 9 PM. That means, thermostats set to 78 degrees and no major appliances plugged. The high temps also mean… high surf. Dangerous, too. Waves up to 8 feet with some nasty currents; especially at south-facing beaches. 

The city of Los Angeles and throughout LA County has opened up a few spots as cooling centers and they are pet friendly – including the LA Public Library and Rec Centers. More info →


Just because we LOVE this song so much and it's so fitting, take it Olaf!  



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