Aviva Family & Children's Services With Regina Bette

Regina Bette sits down with Kari Steele to discuss Aviva Family & Children's Services.


Aviva believes every child and every family in the Los Angeles community deserves the chance for a brighter future.


The main program focus areas:

-Wraparound Services

-Community Mental Health Services

-Foster Family and Adoption Services

Children come to them as a result of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect, commercial sexual exploitation, substance abuse, mental health issues and involvement with justice system.

Aviva is 260 staff members strong. For more information, click here.

Every year Aviva Family and Children's Services serves more than 9,048 clients including 2,061 children and youth ages birth to 21.

Aviva helps remove emotional, social or other barriers which make it possible to not only transform the lives of individuals, but bring the cycle of abuse and neglect to a hault.

They do this by providing compassionate support, therapeutic services and guidance to at-risk children and families. 

Join us this Sunday, July 29th as Kari Steele talks to Regina Bette more about Aviva Family & Child Services. They will discuss the mission, main focus and how you can help.



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