Supermom Duck Cares for 76 Ducklings in Minnesota

Last week, a photographer in Minnesota came across not 1, not 2, . . . BUT 76 DUCKLINGS cared for by one supermom duck! Brent Cizek had previously photographed a mother duck with a brood of 20 ducklings which he thought was a lot. He was shocked to come across the mother duck with all 76 of her ducklings at Lake Bemidji and has nicknamed the mother Mama Merganser. Since his first interaction, Cizek has been documenting the family ever since. For the Common Merganser, a family of 50 ducklings is high but not uncommon. For incubation, however, a mother duck can handle around 20 eggs at a time, and it's likely the Mama Merganser the other 50 plus ducklings. Another theory is that the supermom duck laid her eggs in other nests, which scientists can only explain as insurance, allowing more of her ducklings to survive. Whichever it is, you can't deny that this duck is a SUPERMOM! 



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