YouTube's New Show Featuring A Star Studded Lineup

YouTube has announced its original programming slate for this Fall through early 2019. Featured on this slate are stars like Robert Downey Jr., who will narrate a docuseries about the endless possibilities and the perils of artificial intelligence. Who better to narrate and comment on this kind of technology better than Tony Stark himself.

 Kirsten Dunst is also set to star in and produce a dark comedy series on YouTube called On Becoming A God In Central Florida. The series will consist of 10 episodes and  will also have another big named attached, George Clooney, who will help produce. The series will be set in Orlando in the early 90’s and star Dunst as a water park employee who schemes her way up a billion-dollar pyramid scheme that ultimately led to her family’s demise. Expect this eerie gem on YouTube Premium next year.

And last but certainly not least in our YouTube programming lineup, the spontaneous and delightfully wonderful Will Smith, will and I repeat, BUNGEE JUMP OUT OF AN AIRPLANE OVER THE GRAND CANYON. Wowza. Smith will be taking the plunge on his 50th birthday after being challenged by fellow YouTube creators Yes Theory, and to make things even better, this stunt will go to raise money for charity. The jump will be recorded all in part of a live broadcast set to take place on September 25th. Will Smith has always been a risk taker and a go getter and it all stems from his outlook on failure. He believes that people should fail early and fail often, they’re all lessons to grow from. 

We just hope that there is no failure on that jump, and the only lesson to be learned here is maybe for the 60th birthday we try something a little bit tamer. Even though we all know that is not up Will Smith’s action packed alley.

Check out the seriously funny response video here:



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