LA Animal Shelters NEED Our Help NOW!

LA animal shelters need our help!

Our six local animal service centers are being put in a crisis situation. They're hitting capacity with over 100 cats and dogs. 

With more animals being brought in, it  puts the animals that are already in the shelter at risk for euthanasia. It's such a terrible and heartbreaking thing they hate doing but are left with no choice.

At least 3 hoarding cases are partially to blame with the overcrowding. One day the shelters were brought 48 animals, the next day 25, and another 27.

Between the six LA animal shelters there's 163 dogs at risk being put down. 

They tend to have trouble getting the larger older dogs adopted.

More than 250 animal are on the red list to be euthanized.

 Help these poor animals and get down to an LA animal shelter to adopt one of these sweet animals and give them a chance!



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