Man Makes A Presidential Discovery In A Dumpster

Maybe after this  we should all take up dumpster diving as a hobby, or maybe not you're right.

Well it turned out lucky for Max Brown in the Lake Tahoe area, who was scavenging around some garbage bins for a community service project when he came across a pile of very old books. It began to rain so Max quickly grabbed the books and carried them inside for safety.  

The ancient looking books sat in Max's house for six months before he and a friend were able to open the book and carefully flip the fragile pages. Inside they were in for a shock,, there in the book was a handwritten note that read: "From the library of Thomas Jefferson." It was one of two volumes written by a french catholic theologian that Jefferson had in his procession. The book was dated 1621.

Max tried to get them verified but expert came back with a conclusion that it was not the president's signature in the book. But he kept trying and researching and finally was able to prove that the books in found in that dumpster in California were indeed belonging to the man who wrote the declaration of independence. 

Max ultimately sold the books to an auction house for $8,000, and doesn't regret it one bit. 

Goes to show that one person's trash is another person's old presidential book worth thousands of dollars.

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