Mommy Monday: 10 Ways to Prepare for Back to School

Summertime may be fun for your child, but its certainly a hectic time for you. Back to school can be just the same if we don't successfully prepare for it. Here is a list to get all of you super moms up and ready for the school year. Tackle this season easily! 

1. Go Back to School Shopping Together

Take your child shopping with you. This will get your child pumped up for school knowing they had a choice in picking out their new supplies and attire. Kids love picking out their own outfits! 

2. Mark Your Calendar

Your child's school will more than likely send important information such as dates to remember and emergency forms to you before the school year begins. Take some time one day to sit down and mark your calendar with all the dates so that you will not forget. This will easily take out the stress of trying to shuffle through paperwork later on and hoping a date did not pass. 

3. Get Back Into a School Routine 

For 5 days a week, your child is out of the house for up to 9 hours in full learning mode. During the summer, most children are indulging in their favorite video games and television programs. Try setting up a routine where you get your child out of the house during the day. Take them to some fun educational outings such as The California Science Center or the Los Angeles Zoo

4. Create a Homework Station

Designate a special area where your child can strictly work on their school work. You can either set up a stocked desk in the living room corner or even just utilize the kitchen counter as you're prepping dinner. 

Here's a diy on creating your very own homework station


5. Prep Your After School Game Plan 

Get things in order early on and take the stress away. Set up where/what your child will be doing while you're away at work. This can either be an after-school program, going to a neighbors home or staying home alone if your child is old enough. 

6. Unplug the Electronics

During the school year, kids aren't going to be hooked on their electronics all day like they can be in the summertime. Prep them before school goes back by unplugging the devices and encouraging them to read or create an art project. 

7. Get on a Bedtime Routine Early

Putting your child on a sleep and wake routine about a week before school begins can be immensely important. Set them up on the same time schedule that you would during the school year. This will easily take out of the grunginess of the first day of school wake up call. 

8. Do a 'First Day' Test Drill with Your Child

Sort of like an emergency drill, but for school! Make it a fun experience waking for breakfast and driving to school to practice pick-up and drop-offs. You can even use a whistle and some music, Coach mom! 

9. Pick Out Clothes

Take the stress of 'I don't want to wear that!' by picking out the weeks clothes with your child. Hang up the outfits and line them up. Think of how much easier your mornings will be! 

10. Give Your Child a Gift on Their First Day

This will be so special for your child. A small present can make anyone's day. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a book or crayons can suffice. You can either choose to give them their gift in the morning or let them know that after they complete their first day you'll have a surprise for them. 


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