Madonna: How She Changed 2000s Fashion

Madonna is the ~queen~ of bringing a tinge of grunge to any outfit. For years she has been a proponent of all black outfits and has always been one step ahead of the fashion trends. Her balance of sleek and sexy is one of her most well-known fashion traits.

2018 Met Gala: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination 

Floor length black dress with crown decorated with crosses, fishnet vail, and black roses.  

2016 Met Gala: Fashion in an Age of Technology 

Black Sheer Lace with Cutouts and Heavy Jewelry 

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Corset with Fishnet Tights and Thigh High Socks 

2013 Met Gala: Chaos to Couture 

Red and black plaid with orange butterfly shoulder detail, body chains, leather gloves and hot pink stiletto heels 

2012 Super Bowl XLVI 

Gold headdress and Egyptian inspired accessories  

2008 Sticky and Sweet Tour 

Channeling major ring leader vibes in her all black one piece body suit and shiny metallic top hat. 

2004 Reinvention Tour 

Gold detailed corset with her staple fishnet tights and knee high boots.


Of course, we couldn't forget perhaps the most iconic Madonna look of all time. 

Thank you, Madonna, for being a fashion trendsetter and encouraging freedom of artistic expression. 


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